Thursday 12 October 2017

Strange days

I don't know what happened.

Lots and lots of days ago, I suddenly started feeling really hot. Then I felt really tired.
I couldn't open my eyes.

I went outside and sat under a bush.
I wanted to come back inside, but I couldn't move.

My human came outside and said 'Clive, you've been here for hours... what's wrong?'
I wanted to walk to him, but I couldn't.
I wanted to meow, but I couldn't.

My human picked me up and carried me inside.

He put me on my favourite chair, stroked my head, and said 'what's wrong, Clive?'
I tried to purr, but I couldn't.
I tried to blink, but it was too much effort to open my eyes.
I was really hot.

My human brought me some food.
It was ham. I like ham.
It made me feel sick. I turned my face away.
I had a pain in my side.

I slept.

My human took me upstairs and put me on the bed.

In the night, I tried to go downstairs, but couldn't make it, so I slept on the step I stopped on.

My human found me there and said 'Oh, Clive...'
I couldn't open my eyes.
I was so hot.

I remember being put in my catty box.
I remember seeing a catty doctor.
I remember something being put up my bum, and the catty doctor saying 'very high temperature'.
I remember something sharp being put in my neck, and the word 'antibiotic'.
I remember my human looking sad and trying to give me an ear scritch.
I remember the catty doctor carrying me to a metal cage and putting me in it, on a soft blanket.
I remember the catty doctor trying to put something sharp in my leg, and I fought as much as I could.
I remember the catty doctor saying 'sedative'... then I don't remember much at all.

I don't know how long passed.
I couldn't really open my eyes.
I was so hot.

The catty doctor put something up my bum sometimes and said 'still very high'.

There was a plastic tube-thing going into my leg.

The catty doctor put something spiky in me and some of my blood went into a pot.
Then they put some of my wee in another pot.

They kept saying 'infection', and 'liver', and 'jaundice', and 'sepsis'.

After what seemed like days, I could hear my human's voice.

The catty doctor opened my cage, and my human was there.
He said 'hey mate - how you doing?'
I tried to blink at him, but couldn't really open my eyes.
He attempted a chin tickle, but I couldn't lift my head enough for him to do it.
He gave me nice ear scritches. I couldn't purr, but I liked it.
I was glad he was there. I thought he'd left me.
I was tired.
My head hurt.
My side hurt.
My leg hurt, where they put the weird tube in it.

My human rubbed his nose against my nose and gave me more ear scritches.
Then the cage was closed again, the vet said something about 'updates', and my human was gone.
I had a sad.

I slept lots.
A catty doctor took some more blood out of me.
Another catty doctor put a sharp thing in me.

Then I woke up, it was light, and I felt a bit less hot.
I could open my eyes more.
I decided to have a wash. I smelt funny from the metal cage and all the weird things the catty doctors put on and in me.

A catty doctor said something about 'much better', and gave me a chin tickle.
They tried to give me food, but I didn't feel like it.
I slept.

Then my human was at the cage again.
I had a happy.
I could purr now, so I did.
I could lift my chin, so he gave me chin tickles and ear scritches.
I was very tired, so I let him hold my chin to keep my head up.

He gave me a meat stick. I chewed a bit of it, but it was too much effort.
He gave me a bit of ham. I like ham. I ate some.
He seemed all weird - his eyes were a bit wet.

The catty doctor said 'much better than he was'.
Then my human was gone again.

It seemed like days and days, then my human was back.
The catty doctor carried me into a room and put me on a black table.
My human had my catty box with him, which meant I was going in it. Was I going home?

The catty doctor said something about 'temperature' again, then put something up my bum, so I bit her.

My human said 'come on, Clive', and I walked into my catty box and settled on the soft towel in there.

I was still tired, but I wasn't hot any more and I could open my eyes.

My human put the catty box in the vroom and took me home.
He let me out of the catty box, onto the bed. It was nice and soft, and smelt of my humans. I purred.
I walked in a circle four times, then lay down. I had a really big nap.

I has started to feel normal again.

I feel more chatty and have been meowing at my human.
I've started flapping at paper things during the night. Sometimes my human shouts 'shut up, Clive!'
I can purr again.

My human has taken me back to the catty doctor a few times.
Sometimes they stick a sharp thing in my neck and say 'antibiotics'. I don't mind that.
They also try to put things in my mouth. I don't like this. I bite them.

The food I'm eating is a bit weird. My human keeps saying 'medical food'. I don't know what that means. I miss ham.

I'm getting lots of extra fuss from both my humans though.
I like this.

I'm glad I don't feel so hot and so tired any more.
I'm glad I can open my eyes again.
I'm glad I can purr and meow.
I'm glad I don't have a tube in my leg, and I hope the catty doctor stops putting things in my bum.

I hope I don't feel like that again.

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