Monday 23 October 2017

Nap revenge

I don't think my humans quite understand something...

During the day, when I'm having nice, comfy naps, they'll come up to me and smoosh my face, saying 'ooooh, you're so cute!'
Or they'll come up to me and give me belly nuzzles or make noises like 'joooooojsh!'

This confuses me, and disturbs my naps.

So, when they're napping - once it's dark outside - I like to get revenge for my nap disturbings.

I do this by walking all over their faces, turning round in circles on them, headbutting them, and meowing at them.

It seems only fair, yet they still push me away or sound annoyed. Silly humans.

They disturb my naps, I disturb theirs. That's how it works.

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