Thursday 25 August 2016


I was missing my human... and I was hungry ... so I came in through an open window last night.

I couldn't find my human.

I meowed in his sleeping room, but he didn't answer, come running, or give me food.

I meowed in the bit outside his sleeping room, but he wasn't there.

I meowed in the main, big room, but he didn't come running. How could he ignore me? I am cat.

I meowed, and meowed... then walked into the food room and he was on a chair, eating something.

I meowed loudly and stared at him.

I could smell food, so I jumped onto the chair next to him and sat down.


I stared at him.

I let out a cute meow.

I nose-nudged his arm.

I pawed his arm.

He broke off a tiny bit and put it next to me.


I ate it.

I looked up.

I stared at him.

I let out a cute meow...

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