Sunday 7 August 2016

Bouncy thing

I was in the garden.
It's warm.

I was sitting in the middle of the grass, watching over my territory, when a little thing with legs bounced past me.

My eyes were fixed on it. Must pounce.

I was just doing a pre-pounce wiggle, when the little thing bounced again and went over my head.
This confused me.

I spotted it, wiggled, pounced... and it bounced from between my paws.

I spotted it again, ran over to it, pounced, and got it.
I lifted up my paw... and it bounced away from me.

I chased it and it bounced, bounced, bounced, and went into a bush.

My ears went forward. I didn't understand the bouncy thing.

I stared at the bush for ages, but the bouncy thing didn't bounce again, so I had a nap.

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