Tuesday 1 March 2016

Stop reading

My human was reading something this morning. It was a big, shiny book. I didn't like this.

I jumped onto the table to join him, so he was at the right level to stroke my head and tickle my chin.

He wasn't paying me attention. This is why I don't like him reading things.

I nose-nudged the back of the book.

I headbutted the book.

I pawed at the book.

My human responded; 'Clive. Stop it'.

I pawed at the book again. My human huffed.

I clawed at the book.

I clawed at the book.

I shredded a bit of the book.


My human put the book down, stroked my head, scratched my ears, stroked my back, and tickled my chin. This was good.

He picked the book up again.

I got my claws ready...

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