Friday 11 March 2016


My human came into his sleeping room and put lots of bags on the floor. This was exciting.

He left the room.

I got up from my nap, stretched, then jumped down onto the floor to see what was in the bags... was it food?

I sniffed the first bag. No food.

I sniffed the second bag. No food.

I sniffed the third bag. No food.

I sniffed the fourth bag. Chicken?

I pawed the bag.

I clawed the bag.

My human came running in; 'Clive, what are you doing?'

I blinked at him.

I pawed the bag again.

He opened it up, I stuck my head in it... and there was no food.

I sniffed the fifth bag. No food.

What is the point in my human bringing home bags if none of them contain food?

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