Thursday 3 March 2016

Bad foot

I had a problem with one of my back paws, this morning - it wouldn't behave.

I started cleaning it, but the claws wouldn't spread properly, so I bit it... then it did as it was told.

I went to have a nap, laid my head on my front paws, and my back paw started twitching and bunny kicking. I didn't want or ask it to do this. I bit it, to keep it still.

It kept twitching, so I had to keep biting it.

When I went to clean my bum hole, I stuck that back leg in the air... but it refused to come back down again. I tried to bite it, but rolled sideways and fell off the bed.

I'm now having a wander, to see if my back leg continues to misbehave. If it does, I'll attack it.

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