Monday 28 March 2016

Oooh, string

I've found out something new. When I sit at the top of the big, comfy chair, there's a window cover that can go up or down. When it goes up, I can see all of my territory.

There's a chain that my human pulls that makes the cover go up. Next to that chain is a thin string: this seems to be what the cover slides up and down on.
I've found that if I stretch out a paw, stretch out a claw, and twang this string, then my human comes running to my side.

I tried it a few times today. I usually give the string three twangs, my human comes in and says 'Clive. Stop it' or 'What is it, Clive?', and I then blink at him, purr, or rub my face on his hand.

In this way, I can get attention at regular intervals, or just have my human come over to me for no reason whatsoever.

What an amazing discovery.

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