Monday 20 April 2015

I'm stuck!

I had a terrible experience this morning. My little catty heart is still beating fast. I'll have to have a nap in the sun, soon.

I left my human's room and went for a wander. One of the rooms I can't normally get into had the door open.
I went into this room. It has a nice, soft bed, so I like to sleep on it when I can.

I was just sniffing around the bed, when the door slammed closed.
I jumped and my tail puffed out.

I don't like being shut in, so - even though I'd been thinking about having a nap - I panicked. I wanted to get out of the room quickly.

I went to the door and pawed and pawed at it.

I couldn't hear my human coming, so I started to claw it instead of just pawing it.

When this didn't work, I started meowing. I tried my 'feed me' meow at first, but panic turned this into a 'please rescue me' meow.

I began to think that I might die in the room - that my end might come.
I meowed my little catty lungs out.

Eventually, after what seemed like 5,000 catty years, my human came along, opened the door, and I ran out - tail held high - with an 'unhappy' meow, to let him know I was annoyed and that I'd narrowly avoided death.

I am now recovering. A nap and eating a butterfly will help me.

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