Wednesday 22 April 2015


There are lots more butterflies around. I like this.

I saw one today and started to follow it. It landed on some plants, so I swiped at it. I missed.

It flew off towards the grass, so I ran after it.

It landed on a flower and I tried to bite it. I missed again.

It flew to a flower pot and landed on the edge of it. I sat next to the plant pot, doing a catty tail swish.

Then it
flew off, over my head, and landed on the lower branches of a tree. I ran over to the tree and patiently watched the butterfly.

A breeze blew the branch and the butterfly set off again. It got higher and higher, and flew over a fence.

I used all of my catty power, swished my tail, and quickly scrambled up and over the fence.

The butterfly was nearly at the next fence. I chased it across some more grass.
It hovered for a bit, then went over that other fence. I tried to follow it, but I scrambled up, misjudged the height, and fell back down again.
I wasn't happy, and I'd lost sight of the butterfly.

I pretended to lick a patch of my fur, then went home.

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