Tuesday 7 April 2015

Annoying human

I was having a lovely sleep by the window, in the sun, yesterday... when my human came over.

He tickled my chin. Nice.

He stroked the side of my face. Yes please.

He scratched my ears. Mmmmmm...

He tried to tickle my belly. Small bunny kick.

He went back to stroking my face. Better.

...then he decided to tickle my nose. This was quite nice, but my little catty nose is sensitive.
He tickled my nose and I did a big catty-choo...

...then another catty-choo.

Then another catty-choo.

Then another catty-choo.

I was wide awake now.

I had to get up, stretch, yawn, shake my head to get rid of the catty-choos, then curl up on a different windowsill, with my tail wrapped round my nose.

Annoying human.

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