Sunday 3 December 2017

What is it?

My human came into the house with something in a bag.
It smelt of food.
I was interested.

I meowed at him, then followed him with my tail held high - I was excited.

He sat down on the big, comfy chair.
I jumped up onto the chair, and sat next to him - staring.

He pulled the food out of the bag.
I moved closer and reached out with a paw.

My human said 'bugger off, Clive'.

He had the food in his hand.
I moved closer again - sniffing.

He said 'it's a pastry, Clive - you wouldn't be interested'.

I reached out with my paw again.

He let me sniff it.
It didn't smell of meat or fish.
I wasn't interested.

I jumped down from the big, comfy chair
and went upstairs for a nap.

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