Wednesday 27 December 2017

Mad humans

I'm very confused by the behaviour of my humans.
Humans are always a bit weird, but I think mine have gone mad.

They keep saying my name in a high voice, in songs.

They sing things like 'jingle Clive, jingle Clive, jingle alllll the wayyyy', or 'away in a Cliveyyy, no crib for a Cliiiive'.

They also sing 'we wish you a merry Clivey, we wish you a merry Clivey', 'driving home for Clivey', and 'rockin' around the Clivey-chops, have a happy holiday'.

I'm very confused by all of this.
The noises they make are very bad, and make my little ears go back.
I just stare up at the humans, or run away.

I hope they stop being so weird.

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