Saturday 2 December 2017


I was sat by the window, looking out at birds and chattering at them.
I was also next to the big warm thing, which was nice - it made my tail and bum warm.

I was next to the cloth thing, which I've heard my human call 'curtain', when I stepped forward... and suddenly I was in darkness.

I was caught inside the 'curtain'. I was stuck between two bits of cloth.

I thought I'd get stuck there forever.
I flapped and flapped with my paws.
I meowed for my humans to come to me.
I kept flapping.
I thought I'd be trapped forever.
I meowed louder.

Suddenly the 'curtain' lifted, I saw my human's face, and I was free.

He said 'silly cat'.

I meowed at him.

I was happy not to be trapped any more.
I thought I'd be stuck forever.

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