Saturday 9 December 2017

New plan

If I needed attention from the humans during the night, I had a simple plan - flap at things with my paws, until they woke up.

I could flap at the mat by the door to their napping room.
I could flap at, or claw, the soft floor.
I could claw the bits of soft floor by the doors.

But the humans did this...

Now I cannot flap at the mat or claw the carpet to get attention.

This means that if I has a hungry during the night, or feel the urgent need to have my face stroked, I can't get the humans to do what I want.

But I have a new, very simple, plan.
If I need attention during the night, I simply sit on my human's chest, stare down at him, and wait for him to wake up.
I'm quite heavy, so he usually wakes up and says 'Clive, I can't breathe'.
I purr at him, and dribble.
He says 'idiot', then strokes my face and gives me ear scritches.

I like my new plan.

It works.

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