Friday 19 February 2016


I was asleep on my human's bed. It was dark. I woke up and realised that I needed a wee.

I have a wee tray, but I also have a favourite weeing place, outside.

I went to go to my usual window, but my human had shut it... or forgotten to leave it open.

I really, really wanted to wee in my outside place.

I went back to my human, on his bed, and meowed by his feet. He didn't get up.

I jumped down from the bed and went to the door. I reached up and rattled the door handle with my front paws. I rattled it 47 times... but my human didn't get up.

I jumped back onto the bed and walked up and down my human's body. No response.

I jumped back down onto the floor, found some paper, and started shredding it with my claws. He didn't wake up.

I jumped up onto the bed, went over to my human's head, and sat on the pillow. I purred in his ear. I meowed. I nose-nudged him. I sat on his head. Still no response.

I meowed my final protests, then, eventually, had a wee in my wee tray... making sure that I scattered the little stones all over the floor.

Stupid human.

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