Monday 1 February 2016

Tricky choice

I came in from hunting, when it was dark, and found two humans sleeping in my human's bed.

This confused me.

I went up to my human and nose-nudged him. He made a strange groaning noise, reached out, and patted my head.

I went over to the other human. She did the same.

I walked up and down both of them. I had a tough choice to make. Which human was the least lumpy? Which human was the warmest? Which human would wriggle about the least? Which human would be best to fall asleep on?

I carried on walking up and down both humans, purring, and decided to curl up on the other one.
She was much warmer, but she kept moving.

I got up, walked in a circle three times, then settled down by my human's legs.
I was comfy for a long time... then my human wriggled and woke me up.

In the end, I slept between the two humans until I was hungry - then I meowed for them to wake up.

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