Monday 25 January 2016

Horrible sniffings

My human was handling something... then he started to take a peel off of it.


It was bright orange. I was hungry.

I meowed at my human.

He said; 'Go away, Clive'.

After meowing by his feet for a bit, I got bored.

I jumped onto the table, pretended I wanted affection, rubbed against my human's arm, got up close to the orange thing, and....

Catty-eugh! What is that??

It got right up my nose, sent my catty senses mad, made me step back and wrinkle my whiskers, and made me do catty-choos.

I jumped down from the table, and had to walk around the house doing catty headshakes.

Stupid human. Why would he eat something like that? I won't be paying him any attention for a while.

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