Tuesday 12 January 2016

A little poorly

My human wasn't around and I didn't feel very well.

In fact, I had to do a catty sick.

As is the rule for cats, I was sick in as many different places as possible, across one room.

I felt a bit funny, so I had a nap next to one of my catty sicks.

My human came home, looked around his room, and said: 'Oh Clive. What's happened? Are you okay?'

I kept my head down, didn't meow too much, got some head rubs, then walked past him.
I think he must've picked up the catty sick, as it wasn't there when I went into the room again.

I was quiet for a bit, and got lots of fuss.

I then heard my human opening a tin of tuna, so I appeared at his feet and meowed.
He gave me a funny look and said; 'I take it you're feeling better then?'

I forgot that I was supposed to be poorly. I didn't get any tuna, and I haven't had as much fuss since.

Maybe I should have catty sicks again, in a few days ...

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