Thursday 14 January 2016

A rare treat

I know that we're in the cold months. Most of my favourite prey disappear at this time; meeces, birds, rabbits, flies, butterflies, spiders... anything that moves.

It's hard for me. I get lonely, lack things to chase, cannot bring presents home, and have to pounce on other things, like dust, light, paper, and human hands.

But... today was an interesting day. I went to go to my food bowl and saw something on the wall... a spider. I haven't seen one in catty months.

It was really small, and was dangling from a thread that was up its bum.
It was too high up on the wall though.

I stared at it.

I stared at it some more.

I meowed at it.

I meowed to my human to come and see it.

I stared at it again.

I willed it to come to the floor, so we could play.

I'm still staring at it.

I think I'll stare at it until it's nap time. It has to come down eventually.

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