Wednesday 6 January 2016

Get off

I think my human is happy.

He keeps shouting, jumping about, and singing.

This is good for him. It's not good for me.

He keeps picking me, trying to squeeze me, then saying 'mwah!' as he puts his face to me.
I struggle and struggle, and squirm in his arms, but he doesn't get the hint. He still picks me up. It confuses me. I'll be walking along, minding my own catty business, or licking my paw, when suddenly the ground disappears from beneath me.

I think the 'mwah' thing is a sign of affection, but why can't we just rub noses, like normal creatures do?
I have to do catty headshakes when I'm put down on the floor, then I have to clean myself as I'm covered in human smell.

I hope he's in a normal mood tomorrow. If not, I may have to hide behind the big, comfy chair.

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