Thursday 3 September 2015

That click...

I was at the bottom of my territory, having a nap on some soft mud, when my ears suddenly twitched round.

I heard it.

In the distance.

That click.

My human was opening a tin of tuna.

I woke up, stretched, quickly ran across the grass, through the door, then slowed down to walk into the food room and sit next to my human.

His back was to me, so I thought I should let him know of my presence and my need for tuna.

I let out my loudest 'hi' meow, and - strangely - he jumped, dropped a fork, and said; 'Clive! Where did you come from?'

I purred and ate some tuna off the fork he dropped, then waited for some more.

He gave me a little bit more, then ate the rest himself.
I stared at him while he did this. I like tuna.

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