Wednesday 30 September 2015

Horrible, tooth stuff

I was watching my human do this thing he does every morning: rubbing stuff all over his teeth.

I sat by him for a bit, staring up at him and swishing my tail.

I didn't feel I was getting enough attention, and I was interested in the white stuff that he squeezed from a tube: it looked like food.

I meowed at him, loudly, until I got his attention.

He said 'what do you want, Clive?' so I just stared at him, then he bent down and I went to sniff the things he was holding.

I really wanted to see if the white stuff was food.

He put a bit on his finger, and held it out. I sniffed it, and it was so strong that it hurt my little catty nostrils, so I moved back... and he smudged a bit on my nose.

I couldn't get it off!

It was stuck on my nose!

I tried to run away from the smell, but it was on my face!

Get it off! Get it off!
Get it off!

I flapped my paws at my nose, but this just smeared it.

Then my human bent down again, and wiped it off my nose... but I could still smell it.
I wandered off, doing catty headshakes.

Stupid human.

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