Wednesday 16 September 2015

Tap, tap, oh...

My human was in the food room this morning. He was eating something (I sniffed it. It wasn't worth eating), reading something, and drinking something.

I was curious as to what was in the cup he was drinking from. It smelt funny. It made my little catty nose wrinkle.
I also wanted some attention. I felt my human was reading too much.

I tapped the cup with my paw.

I tapped the cup again.

I tapped it harder. It wobbled.

I tapped it harder... and it fell over.

Hot, brown liquid went everywhere! It went on my catty fur!
I meowed and jumped in the air.
My human shouted 'Clive!', and I ran away.

I tried to lick the stuff off me, but it tastes weird and made me do a catty headshake.

I have hidden on a bed.

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