Friday 18 September 2015

Oooh, lots of legs!

I'm happy.

It's the season for lots of little legs - lots of crunchy, tasty little legs.

Big spiders seem to be running around. I like to chase them - it's good hunting practice.

I like to paw them. They're quite small, so sometimes I make one or two of their legs falls off.
If this happens, I eat the legs - they're very tasty, and crunchy.

Sometimes I accidentally kill the spiders. This makes me sad. Then I remember that I'm hungry, and eat the whole spider. They're small, crunchy, juicy, and yummy.

I think my human finds this weird. He just stares at me when I eat a spider.

The other spiders come inside, too - the flying ones.
I like these. I can chase them around, while they fly in the air, then swat them down with my mighty paws.
Their legs are a bit thinner, but they also have wings, so they have a good bite to them and are just as tasty as normal spiders.

I like this time of year - it's yummy.

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