Friday 13 July 2018

If I have to move...

I like the humans who are across the road from my usual humans.
They sometimes let me into their house.
They sometimes feed me.
They sometimes give me ear scritches.

I like to lay down on the bit of ground in front of their house. When it's warm, this bit is always in the shade.

The only thing is, when I'm laying down, one of the humans will come home - in their vroom.
They'll keep moving towards where I am, very slowly... and I'll have to move.
Even though I has a comfy, the vroom still moves, and I still have to get up.

When this happens, I get to my feet, yawn, stretch my front feets, stretch my back feets - one at a time - ... then move over slightly, and lay somewhere else.

The human then puts their vroom by the house.
I wish they'd consider how comfy I am, instead of making me move.

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