Saturday 7 July 2018

Bum bite

Dammit - my human managed to find me, yesterday, and take me to the catty doctor.

He had some ham, so I followed him, forgot what I was doing, and walked into the big catty box - which he carries me in.

I meowed in protest, all the way to the catty doctor.

The catty doctor didn't put anything up my bum, but he did pull my mouth open - which I don't like - and prod my ears.

Then he spotted the bite by my bum.
A cat was in my territory. I don't like this cat, so I paw-swiped his face. When I turned around, he bit me near the bum... and ran off.
The catty doctor spotted this bite, said something about 'infected', and squeezed it.
This hurt, so I hissed at him.
He squeezed it again, so I tried to bite him.

Then he said 'hang on a minute', took me away from my human, and two other humans held me down while the catty doctor pressed the bite, and put something sharp into it.
I hissed, and scratched, and tried to bite... but there were too many humans holding me down.

Then, suddenly, my bum bite felt much better. It felt... less heavy.

The catty doctor brought me back to my human, patted me on the head, said something about 'stop fighting', and they put me back in the catty box.

My human took me home, and kept dabbing at my bum bite, with soft things.
I blinked at him.
I licked it, to keep it clean.

I meowed to be let out, but my human wouldn't open any doors or windows wide enough. He said 'not today - not with that bite'.

I meowed, and meowed, and meowed, and meowed... but he wouldn't let me out.

I flomped on the table, and napped all day.
My human kept dabbing at my bum bite.

I wish I hadn't been bitten near the bum.

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