Sunday 19 November 2017


I woke up when it was dark, jumped down from my human's bed, and went to have a little snack.

But when I got to my bowl, I saw something terrible... awful... worthy of the loudest meows.

I saw this...


This was an emergency.

How was I supposed to eat any catty biscuits? The bowl was empty.

I was so upset.

I meowed and meowed and meowed at my human.

He rolled over and said 'shut up, Clive'.

The situation was becoming more urgent by the minute.

I flapped at the carpet and kept meowing.
I meowed from deep within me.

Eventually, my human said 'for fuck's sake', sat up, got out of bed, and poured lots of biscuits into my bowl.

He then said, 'now shut up'.

I ate the biscuits.
Everything was better.

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