Saturday 25 November 2017

Up and up

I was outside before, having a sniff around my territory.

I went over to one corner, and climbed onto a plant pot.

After I was on the plant pot, I decided to climb onto a fence post.

After the fence post, I decided to walk along the fence.

Near the end of the fence was a roof. I decided to jump onto it.

When I got onto the roof, and walked a bit, I realised it was quite high.

My human could see me, and he opened a window and said 'Hi Clive'.

I meowed at him as I wasn't sure how to get down from the roof.

He said 'hi' again, in a silly voice.

I didn't want him to talk - I wanted a way to get down from the roof.
I meowed at him again, for help. He didn't understand.

He closed the window.

It took me a long time - with lots of sitting, staring, and licking my paws - but I found a way off the roof.

Idiot human.

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