Wednesday 8 November 2017


I noticed that my humans do something after they've eaten: they take their bowls and wash them under water.

This is strange.
I don't do this.
But I do sometimes wonder how my bowl has become clean, when it wasn't me who cleaned it.

Last night I decided to help the humans with their bowl washing.

They'd just finished something that had tuna in it. I could smell it.

They left their bowls on a table, so I jumped up, went over to the bowls, saw the tuna bits that were left, and gave both bowls a good wash with my tongue.
I was very pleased with my work.

The female human walked into the room and said 'Clive - get down from there!'

I meowed at her, and jumped down from the table.

I had done some work, so I went for a nap.

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