Monday 19 June 2017

Eating outside

When it gets hot, I've noticed that humans do something different... they start eating their food outside.
This is good.

I went to one human's garden and stared at them, and meowed at them, until they dropped some tuna on the floor.
I was happy.

I went to another human's garden and purred, and rubbed against their leg, until they gave me a bit of chicken.
I was happy.

I went to another human's garden, and they were cooking meat on a big, hot thing. I meowed at them until they gave me some.
I was happy.

I came back to see my human and he was outside, eating some green stuff and some fish. I could smell it. I meowed at him, and pawed at his leg. He dropped some fish. It was salmon.
I was happy.

I like it when the humans eat outside.

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