Monday 7 November 2016


I came in last night, and my human had the talky thing to his ear.
He seemed very excited... maybe a bit angry.

He kept saying things like 'insurance', and 'shocking customer service', and 'I'd like to resolve this'.

I'm not sure what this meant, but I hopped onto the bed to greet him, and get ear scritches, as that's where he was sat.

He wasn't paying me much attention though, apart from a quick pat on the head.

He seemed to be staring at bits of paper. They said 'policy document' and 'DVLA' on them.

I had the whole bed to sit on.

I decided to sit on the bits of paper that my human was staring at, as these seemed to have his attention.

He said 'not now, Clive', pulled the bits of paper from underneath me, and put them somewhere else on the bed.
I walked over to the bits of paper and sat on them again.

I blinked at my human.

He said 'stop it, Clive'.

I purred and rubbed my face on his arm.

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