Friday 18 November 2016


I was outside and saw that my human was pouring water all over his vroom, then rubbing a yellow thing on it which made lots of little bubbles, and made the vroom look shiny.
Then he rubbed a cloth all over it, which took off all the water and made it even more shiny.

My human stood back and looked tired, but quite happy.

He said 'hey Clive', and I meowed at him.

He gave me an ear scritch and patted my head, then he went inside.

I wandered over to his vroom.
It looked nice, but it had no catty scent - it didn't smell of me.

I went to the front of the vroom, pointed my bum at it, and sprayed it with wee.

I sniffed it.
Much better.

I hope my human is pleased with my efforts.

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