Tuesday 22 November 2016


I was in the toilet room I sometimes share with my human.

In the corner of the toilet room is a round thing which my human often throws things into and leaves them there.

I could smell something coming from the round thing.

I went over and sniffed it.
I could smell prawns!

I pawed at the round thing. It had a plastic bag in it, which rustled.

I clawed at the round thing.

I jumped up and put both paws on the round thing. It fell over.

Everything inside the round thing went onto the floor.
I pawed at it all. I sniffed - looking for the prawns.

The smell of prawns got stronger and stronger.

I found the source!
It was a packet that said 'prawns' on it... but it had no prawns in.

I had a sad.

I licked the packet for the prawn taste, then left it on the floor.

I had a nap.

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