Tuesday 2 June 2015

Rubbish human food

My human appeared to be busy, earlier.

He was tapping away on his computer. I felt he needed company, so I joined him.

I gave his arm lots of nose nudges and purred next to him.

After a while, he went into the food room and came out with a plate of something.

I was excited. I like it when my human has food.

I meowed at him, and kept trying to get to the plate, but he pushed my head away and said 'Clive! Stop it!'

Eventually, I managed to get my catty nose to the plate. I sniffed it, and nothing smelt nice.
The whole plate was full of green stuff, and some round red things, and some kind of goo that came out of a bottle called 'Salad Cream'.

I couldn't smell any chicken, or tuna, or beef.

What was this weird green stuff that teased me? It looked like food, but wasn't.

Why would my human eat such things? Why would he put them near me when they're not really food?

I'm very confused by all of this.

I have decided to lick my paws.

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