Monday 8 June 2015

Re-furring things

My human is strange.

He has all these objects that lack fur, and he tries to keep them that way.

I think that all objects look better with a layer of catty hair on.

He has two pairs of white shoes, made from a weird material - I made sure that I rubbed my face all over these, last night. Now they have lovely, black catty hairs on them.

He put some different sheets on the bed that we share. They lacked catty hairs, so I rolled on them for a bit and slept in different places.

He had some bits of paper on a desk. They looked very clean, so I scratched catty hairs onto them.

And this morning, he had a pile of clean-smelling white clothes that he put on our bed. They're not entirely white any more.

Everything is better when covered in catty hairs.

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