Monday 4 May 2015

New fence?

Something has changed in my territory.

I don't like it when this happens - it confuses me.

Usually, I wander into my next door human's garden through one of the gaps in the fence, or where it has fallen over completely.
Today, I wandered over and there was a big
, tall, orange thing in my way... the humans have put up a new fence!

This has given me all sorts of catty problems. This new fence doesn't smell of me. I will have to rub myself all over it, and spray it... this may take a number of days.

I also have to get used to jumping over it now. I will have to get used to its height, judge my catty jumping angles, and test out how sturdy it is.

I don't like all of this.

I wish humans would keep things in my territory as they are.

I shall have to meow my protests to both my human and my next door humans.

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