Monday 18 May 2015

Monday morning belly rubs

My human seems particularly sleepy on Monday mornings. It takes all of my catty tricks to get him up to feed me... sometimes I nearly starve.

His sleepiness does allow me certain treats though: I get the best belly rubs on Monday mornings.

There's a method to getting the best belly rubs, though.

I wait 'til my human is just starting to move his legs - this shows that he's waking up. Then, as he sits up, I roll onto my back with my belly up.
I make a cute 'brrrrr' sound and tuck my front paws in, giving full access to my belly.

My human, at this point, usually says 'aaah' and gives me lots of belly rubs.
I have to try, with all my might, not to go into attack mode. This prolongs the belly rubs.

After that, I nap.

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