Thursday 21 February 2019


I went for a nap in the sleeping room that the humans don't use as much.
I circled eight times, then settled down into a comfy napping position.

At some point, one of my humans came along and shut the door to the room.
I wasn't worried, as I thought they'd open it again.
They didn't.

When I'd finished napping, I wanted to leave the room, but I couldn't. I also needed a wee.
I tried meowing loudly.
I tried scratching at the door.
I tried to reach the door handle.

I was getting really stressed. The need for a wee was urgent.

I don't like humans seeing my wee. I either do them at the back of the garden or I bury them in the wee tray.

In the end I didn't have a choice, as neither human opened the door. I had to wee on the floor. This made me sad.

Eventually a human opened the door and said 'Oh Clive, you've been in here the whole time - I'm so sorry'.

I ran out, went downstairs, and hid under a table.

I don't like being trapped in a room. I hope my humans don't do that again.

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