Sunday 29 April 2018

New humans

When I lived with my human in a different place, I had other humans I visited.
I carefully selected them.
They had food and gave me chin tickles, and kept saying 'so cute'.
I knew I could go and see them, and they'd let me in if I kept meowing at the door.

When we moved to a new area, I missed those other humans. I knew I'd have to find new humans, to get more foods and attention.

I has now found three new humans I can visit: next door, over the road, and five houses to the left (also over the road).

I thought my human didn't know.
Then he came back last week, got out of his vroom, and saw me sitting at the door of the human who's five houses to the left - meowing.

A human came out of the house, and my human said 'is that your cat?'
The human said 'no'.
My human shouted 'Clive!', and I turned my head and meowed at him. Then I ran towards him, as I knew that him being home meant that I would now get foods and lots of attention.

My human said 'sorry' to the other human, told her my name is Clive, and said that 'he gets fed all the time - don't let him fool you'.
The other human smiled, and my human called me a 'naughty cat'.

The other human has given
away my plans.

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