Sunday 1 April 2018

Face smooshes

At night, I like to jump onto the humans' bed, walk up to one of them, sit on their chest, look down at their face, and get lots of attention.

I like to get ear scritches, chin tickles, nose boops, rubs to the side of my head - but the thing I like best is... face smooshes.
This is when one of the humans puts their hands either side of my face and rubs my cheeks, smooshes my face, and rubs my ears... all at once. I like this.

I like face smooshes when I want them.

What I don't like is when I'm having a nap and one of the humans comes along and gives me an unexpected face smoosh...or if I meow for food and they bend down and give me a face smoosh.
Unexpected face smooshes make me do catty headshakes.
Unexpected face smooshes confuse me.

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