Sunday 14 January 2018

Out the front!

I often go out the back of the house, through my little catty door, but my male human doesn't seem to like me going out of the big front door.
He says stuff about 'roads' and 'cars'.

He's a bit silly, as I can get to the front of the house anyway, by jumping over some walls... but I don't do it often.

Tonight, another male human came to the front door. He was wearing a big, orange jacket, and said 'Sainsbury's'.

The door was open.
My human thought I was asleep.

I ran out of the door.

I ran left.
My human came over and said 'come on, Clive'.
I ran right.

My human came over again and said 'inside, Clive'.
I ran behind a bush.

My human said 'for fuck's sake', and came towards me.
I ran across the grass, to the next house.

My human came to find me.
I ran to the next house and hid behind a bin.

My human went inside our house and shut the door.
This was fun.

Then it got cold.

Then I got bored.

My human opened the front door and shook my box of biscuits.

I ran out from behind the bin, across the grass, through the door, and past my human.

I looked back and meowed at him.

He sighed.

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