Saturday 6 January 2018

Choice of humans

Yesterday was strange. There were two humans at home.
Normally, when it's light, both humans aren't around, so I can't get ear scritches, chin tickles, belly rubs, or annoy them by flapping at paper.

But yesterday was different.

Yesterday, both humans sat at the same table, so I got to choose which one I wanted to go to for attention, food, and to flap at - or sit on - the paper they were looking at.
It was fun.

I got ear scritches from both humans, I got to give both of them catty headbutts, and if I got bored with one I went over to the other.

I don't like being ignored though, so I sometimes have to give my humans a little bite, to remind them I'm there.
The female human doesn't like this, and pushed me away, so I walked off and showed her my bum.

I got lots of fuss.
I hope both humans are at home like that again.

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