Friday 21 July 2017


I like flapping paper with my paw.

I like flapping books, loose bits of paper, letters, bills - anything my human leaves lying around.

Sometimes I do this so that my human hurries up and pays me attention.
Sometimes I do it just because it's fun to flap at things.

I found a new thing to flap. It's made of lots of little, yellow bits of paper.

I really liked flapping it.
I kept doing it and my human shouted 'Clive! Stop it!'
I liked this attention.

I kept flapping the yellow bits of paper, then one came off ... and it stuck to my paw.
I didn't like this.

I flapped my paw about, to get the yellow paper off, but it was still stuck to it.

I kept flapping my paw, but the yellow paper stayed stuck.

 I panicked and ran off, flapping my paw.
The yellow paper was going to be stuck to me forever.

I meowed and ran around, flapping my paw.

I ran into the big comfy chair, and the yellow bit of paper fell off my paw.
I sniffed it. It wasn't alive.

I had a nap.

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