Saturday 22 July 2017

Side rain

The sun has gone in.
I has a sad.

I don't mind being outside in the rain, as long as I have a table or something that I can sit under.

But there is one type of rain I don't like.

Light rain is okay, even though it makes my fur go all fuzzy.

Rain that comes straight from above is okay, even if it does plink on the top of my head.

But I really don't like rain that comes from the side, blown by the wind.
Side rain blows into my ears - doesn't matter which way I face. It makes the inside of my ears cold and wet, and it makes me do catty head-shakes.

There is side rain today, so I've come inside to sit by a window and watch it.
I want to bite the raindrops.
I'll probably have a nap.

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