Thursday 27 April 2017

Too dry

I came in this morning, but it was still dark.
I'm not sure when it was, but I had a hungry.

I jumped onto my human's bed, walked up to his face, and stuck my nose in it until he opened his eyes.

He said 'What is it, Clive?'

I meowed at him to let him know I was hungry.

He made a huffing sound, then got up and walked to my food bowl.
I followed him with my tail in the air, making sure I rubbed against his legs.

He put lots of food in my bowl.
I sniffed it... cod in jelly.
I was happy.

My human went back to the bed and I started eating... then I had a problem... I ran out of jelly. I'd licked it all off. The food was now too dry.
I couldn't carry on eating. I was sad.

I walked back into the room where my human was, jumped onto the bed, walked up to his face, and pushed my nose into it.

He moaned, then turned over.

I meowed in his ear.
I meowed in his ear.
I meowed in his ear.

He said 'for fuck's sake', then got up and stomped towards my food bowl.
He put some more food in it.
I now had more jelly and could finish eating.

I was happy.

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