Monday 13 June 2016

Horrible human

I don't like my human today.

He kept me in all day.

I meowed and meowed at the doors, I flapped at them, I shredded envelopes and newspapers... but he still kept me in.

Then he stuck me in the big plastic box. I tried to avoid it, but he threw a piece of chicken inside and I chased it.

He took me in the moving thing, which I hate.

When we got out of the moving thing, I saw a human female who stroked my head, then put a sharp thing in my neck, then tried to look at my teeth, then tickled my chin.

My human put me back in the moving thing.

He let me out of the plastic box. I turned my back on him and went to nap on my little bed.

I won't pay my human any attention for........ ooooooh, I heard a  tuna tin open............

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