Sunday 19 June 2016

Hooman Appreciation Day

Cats have a special day. It's a day when we honour our hooman mum or dad. It's called Hooman Appreciation Day.

Most cats can't say 'human', so they say 'hooman'. It's easier.
I can say 'human', so I'm able to call it Human Appreciation Day.

To show our appreciation for our humans, we do special things for them today.

This morning, I waited 10 minutes longer than usual before waking my human to feed me.
I gave him only three nose-nudges to the face, instead of the usual four.
I blinked at him seven times, then stayed indoors, purring, for a full five minutes after I was fed.

After that, I went out to see my other favourite humans.

I shall see my human again this evening, once I'm hungry.

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