Thursday 29 October 2015


I woke up from a nap, and heard the sound of a lid being removed from something in my human's food room.

I was excited.

I walked to the food room, stood behind my human, and meowed. He jumped.

I sniffed the air.... chicken.

He was eating from some kind of tub, so I just stared up at him.

I kept staring, but he didn't give me any chicken.

I meowed and pawed at his legs. I wanted chicken.

I kept staring up at him and meowing.

He made a huffing sound, took some chicken from the tub, and headed towards my food bowl.

I followed him, staring up at his hand the whole time... through the main room, through the small room, through the sleeping room ... to my bowl.

He put the chicken in my bowl. I ate it. I purred. It was worth staring at him.

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