Monday 19 October 2015

Need food

I was hungry this morning. It was still dark.

I walked over my human and stuck my nose in his ear. He made a noise and pulled the cover up. I couldn't get to his face.

I spotted a piece of paper he'd left on the bed, so I clawed it.  It made a nice flapping sound.

My human reached out and covered the paper up.

I jumped down from the bed and walked over to the door. The handle looked shiny. I reached up and grabbed it with my paws. It rattled.

My human pushed a chair against it.

I found some more paper, on the floor. I clawed at it. It made the same flapping sound as the other piece... but my human was not yet feeding me.

I jumped back onto the bed and walked up and down on him.
I sat on his chest for a bit. It was quite warm.

I saw that one of his ears was showing, so I walked over and purred into it.

Some of his face was also showing, so I gave him some catty headbutts.

He said; 'Clive - fuck's sake!'

He then got up.

I was really excited. My tail stood straight, and I meowed at him.

He put my food out. I was happy.

After I'd finished, I wanted to show my human how happy I was, so I walked over him and purred by his head again.

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